Friday, January 16, 2004

Dream: Jan 16,2004


I am sitting and talking with two men:
A teacher/Priest/Guru and another layman or student like myself.
We are discussing “The Way” (how man must follow the right moral principles.
Up until that moment I have always been skeptical of all religion .
Suddenly I have a religious experience. I become emotional about our discussion
and I choke up and can barely speak the words I was thinking ( about the Golden Rule or something very simple yet profound) and then, right at that moment, I realize the existence of “the way”
There is no mention of God or any specific religious institution, but I suddenly know that I am a believer.
And I ask and wonder: must a “True Believer” belong to some group or organization to follow “The Way” or can he journey on his own. Truly, I know that life is a journey and not a destination “and death is not it;’s goal, dust the art and dust returneth was not spoken of the soul”
I know that “The True Believer” i.e., The Pilgrim must walk with his eye on the horizon, always looking for the landmarks and signposts never looking below or behind to find the way but still can The Pilgrim find his way without a Teacher or an organization?
5:47 AM

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