Monday, October 30, 2006

In Key House Races, Democrats Run to the Right

From NY Times 10/20/2006
"ASHEVILLE, N.C., Oct. 28 — In their push to win back control of the House, Democrats have turned to conservative and moderate candidates who fit the profiles of their districts more closely than the profile of the national party."

I guess this proves that "winning is everything"

Friday, October 27, 2006

What Myths Are Made Of

Mythical personnae who shape our dreams and our

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Future of Blogging

In another corner of the Blogosphere, there's a small site, that provides free hosting for bloggers and is somewhat looser in terms of infrastructure than this one. It has a total of 900 blogs or participating members and there is plenty of opportunity for the members to interact. One of the features is the "Blog Ladder" where everyone can see:
  1. Who posted lately
  2. How many posts he/she has contributed
  3. How many times his/her posts have been viewed
  4. How many comments have been made to his/her entries.
The winning blog, has 121 entries, that have been viewed 5,227 times and received 593 comments.
The most popular entry of the week, which was posted by the champ mentioned above, Consisted of "And Boom"
The comments were
  1. "boom"
  2. "boom"
  3. "boom, boom, boom"
  4. "boom"
  5. "developers"
  7. "boom...boom..."
  8. "boom"
  9. "bam, ops thats that other guy"
  10. "boom?"
This the way the world ends, not with a "bam" but a "boom"

When I first entered cyberspace, I thought that it would be an exciting adventure in discovery, dialogue and community instead I find "jackass forever"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Free Hugs

Free Hugs
After a day of BushSpeak, Korean Bomb & the Foley Follies.
This was a wonderful segue.
When I first started watching the video I felt a little uneasy, like "Oh god, this is goy is going to make a fool of himself" but then it happened! People came and kept coming. Getting hugs, giving hugs. It was truly inspiring!
Give somebody a hug today

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Call Me Mythster

Modern American: 1) A person who practices the art of mything. One who collects, analyzes, creates and disseminates myths. Myths are attempts to explain or elaborate on the mysteries of everyday life. Our caveman ancestors created the first myths to explain the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun and the origins of life itself. Although the word "myth" is used to describe a fantasy or something that is not true. A true myth is always true when it is created even though it may be seen as untrue later on.
2) The pronunciation of the salutation "Mister" by someone who lisps.

I sent the explanation to someone who asked me the meaning of my e-mail address but it
is not totally mythical. I have been collecting, analyzing ...myths for most of my life. I have created a few and been fascinated by more. Most of our great American Myths seem to have become "untrue" recently. No more" streets paved with gold", "rags to riches", "Any boy can become president"or "Land of Opportunity etc.
But they were true and inspiring "Once upon a time"

Sunday, October 01, 2006 What Makes Us Different? -- Oct. 9, 2006 -- Page 3 What Makes Us Different? -- Oct. 9, 2006 -- Page 3 More scientific evidence to indicate that the Creationists are merely retarded monkeys

G.O.P. Aides Knew in Late ’05 of E-Mail - New York Times

G.O.P. Aides Knew in Late ’05 of E-Mail - New York Times
The corruptive influence of power and the inevitable result. Six terms made Foley think he was invinceable.
Until now.