Tuesday, September 21, 2004

In 4/4 Time


First, the keyboard player plays a little riff
key of C in 4/4
(soft almost tentative)
“I like to type, I really do.
I like the way the keyboard sounds clickity,clickity,clickity click.”

Then she starts to play. Both hands, sometimes a little funky and then
an almost baroque lyricism.
“da da.....”time is on my mind. Time and place
time...time out...times up... next time”
Two beat pause and then she’s really wailing:
“Did some yardwork, pulled a few weeds...blog ,blog,blog”

The drummer breaks in with a short riff
“blog on Estte, I’m reading”
And another longer drum solo,
pause and another:
“time out now, it’s morning...
most times, the details of our lives consume our time”
and the keyboard comes back with another long plaintive solo
“ty, I think I will.... I’m at home
...so much time has passed, the personas are cracking...
I’ve just got time to get back on line”

Keyboard and drums alternate for a while and
JB breaks in with his tenor
He honks & wails screams in high C and growls:
“...Being the literary genius that I am.....eaten but torn to pieces and devoured in a gory way...
something that doesn’t evaporate the moment you sign off..”
and the beat goes on for about 30 pages, mostly keyboards, drums and tenor
with very occasional riffs by trumpet.
“...Lili gets her knickers twisted because Bono says fuck on the air?...
Not metaphorically , not idiomatically but ‘EXACTLY’”
and a late entry by the oboe:
“It’s beautiful to go through time...
maybe ghosts are ourselves”
And that boys & girls...
The great all American art form - now it’s found it’s niche on the web..
Let’s put our hands together for those great folks in the band

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