Saturday, August 27, 2005

George W Bush, (A Self-Made Man)

Dad had failled in his bid for re-election and it looked it might be curtains for the Bush dynasty- but wait, young George walk up one morning with a very big head and an idea!
"The whole eastern establishment thing was dead" he realized. "If I'm going to lead our family to political victory and restore the honor of the Bush dynasty, I've got to be someone that the people, the voters, can trust and relate to- no blazer & ascot, no white bucks . I've gotta be down home and friendly, the kind of guy other guys would really want to have a beer with"

So George W. re-invented himself. First thing he did was to get born again with the help of Billy Graham and then he swore off the Wild Turkey and the happy dust. He bought some chewing tobacco and practiced chewing and dribbling a little. (Came kind of naturally)
He could out-Bubba that Rhodes Scholar hiilbilly from Arkansas-easy!

It was kind of a shock for Laura at first but she soon got used to it. She was never really comfortable with the Kennebunkport crowd anyway and the fact that he was not going to drink anymore made her happy. George W.
was not a pleasant drunk.

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