Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas '05? "Fagetabouit"

A man sits at a table writing. A second man walks into the room

2nd Man: So what are you writing Bro? Last will & testament?
1st Man: No, it's my Christmas list
2nd Man: What's that for?
1st Man: It's a list of the stuff I'm gonna give to people this Christmas. You know what Christmas lists are.
2nd Man: Yeah I know what they are I was wondering what you were doing that for?
1st Man: I gotta figure out what to give who. Otherwise I won't know what to buy, like for my grandsons.
2nd Man: OK, since you're not getting my drift, I'll spell it out. Why do you have to give people stuff at Christmas?
1st Man: Because everybody does that. People expect it. If I didn't, everybody would think I was Scrooge- a miser.
2nd Man: "Everybody does it" So that makes it right? How did "Everybody" start buying presents for Christmas?
1st Man: I don't know, maybe they just felt like it.
2nd Man: Spontaneously, just like that, "Everybody" just went out and spent all the rent money on neckties and Barbie dolls?
1st Man: Aw come on, you know, it's all about Santa Claus and baby Jesus!
2nd Man: "Santa" was dreamed up by a reporter back in the eighteen hundreds - it's just a fairy tale. You know "coal in their stockings if they're not good" and baby Jesus? Do you think that when he grew up he told people that they should buy each other lots of gifts to celebrate his birthday every year? The whole Christmas thing is just one big marketing bonanza. A way to sell a lot of stuff that nobody really needs or in many cases even wants to make bigger profits for the manufacturers and retailers- and the credit card companies too.


scribe said...

Hey those two guys sound suspiciously like one guy talking to himself! ;)

scribe said...

Oh my god!!! You've been blogging since 1990??? it's an honor that you even paused to comment on mine!!!

Lisa said...

Yeah...Christmas is way out of control.

Good stuff here; I'll be back.