Thursday, February 23, 2006

Port Politics?

After recovering from an attack of severe jingoitis brought on by massive exposure to the propaganda and spin of all sides of the American political spectrum. I recovered my senses , calmed my jerking knees and asked myself what the hell is going on here?
On the surface, it appeared as if the usual suspects, the DNC, led by Lady Hillary, the lord Frist and other members of the opposition were launching a frontal attack on the supposedly fraudulent and evil intentions of George II (aka "Mad King George") but stop,
and ask yourself. What's all this fuss all about anyway?
Foreign companies are already managing "the majority of key U.S. ports." And by the way, what exact links did the UAE government have to 9/11?
The answer my friend, is written in the wind .
I think it's just "Politics as usual", both Republican and Democratic legislators (Yup, that what they call 'em) are jumping on the jingo bandwagon. Everybody's draping themselves in the stars & stripes and singing "God Bless America" with everything they've got.

At a time when the greatest issues of our times are being deliberately ignored by almost everyone in Washington. The Port Issue is a no-brainer. "Arab terrorists are taking over our ports" "Call out the Marines, man the barricades, battle stations everyone!"

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