Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Evolutionary Developments

A "Level playing field"? Where can you find one? No two playing fields, in any sport or activity can ever be identical. One has mud and rocks another sand pits and gullies. Some have "mental hazards" almost impossible to overcome. No two of us are alike. How could our playing fields or "champs de battle" be comparable.
It really is all about the evolutionary process. Some of us are endowed with expanded capacities for mathematical thought and the superior ability to deal with spatial relations and something like geographical orientation. Men are supposed to be able to deal with map reversals and other similar cinquefoil/visual experiences better than women. But- the truth is that some men are better at some things than others, (Duh!)
and some women do the map thing a lot better than most men.

The sectors in the brain that control humor, creativity and compassion are very probably located in the same lob of the brain. It is quite likely that the development of these sectors was very different in the various sub-species that constituted the main stream of human development. In a few sectors of a few sub-species, the "creative/compassion/humor" lobe developed at a much faster rate than with other sub-specicies. In the European sub-species, this might have resulted in a bio-genetic strain that resulted in a division of cultures. The sub-species, who had a higher development of the Creative/Compassionate/Perceptive lobe were those who rose to the higher strata of the socio-economic ladder. The others were relegated to the "Peasant" level. The peasant, never understood or appreciated the "absurdity" of his position, the others (nobles, priests etc.) exploited. The peasant with a real sense of humor was truly "a hair in the soup"

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