Monday, February 19, 2007

Why Obama Should Be the Next President of the U.S.

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The current Administration and particularly its figurehead/puppet: Bushboy, has done more in six years to undermine and our image and the respect of the peoples of the world than any previous administration with the possible exception of Richard Nixon . Not only did the current administration make all the wrong moves but the figurehead was a bumbling, inarticulate redneck, personifying all of the stereotypical false impressions of Americans that are common throughout the world.
Barrack Obama, can do a great deal to counter the false impressions being conveyed by "W" and his gang. He is the personification of literacy without pedantry, and he is articulate without being glib. He conveys an image of compassion and sincerity and demonstrates the strength of a unified, and integrated nation. He will gain back respect for our nation abroad and put us back on the right track in the eyes of the world


slskenyon said...

Obama is a good candidate, and if he ended up the choice of the Democratic Party, I would whole-heartedly support him. However, I think I side more with Edwards than Obama, at least at the present time. Who knows--lots of time even before the first primaries start. I'm sure it will be intersting if nothing else.

1000myths said...

What is it that attracts you to Edwards? Why, do you think, he would make a better president than Barack Obama?