Friday, April 28, 2006

For almost half a century I've been trying to define and comprehend the innate differences between the French culture and that of their neighbors just across the channel and those of us "across the pond"
Until today, all of my efforts have been in vain. I knew there were significant differences besides language and ethnic influences but every time I tried to describe them I came up short.
Then, I wanted to demonstrate the different way the English and French designed their gardens.
I googled "Jardins Francais" and "English Gardens" and you can see what I got above.

Both are typical examples of contemporary gardens in England and France. Could there be any greater contrast in style, aesthetics and philosophy?
The French gardens are amazing examples of an attempt at the control and subduing of nature.
The man made constructions and elements dominate the garden. Plant life becomes a very secondary element. In the English garden the natural elements dominate completely and there is very little intrusion of artificial elements.

Now, if we apply these ideas to other elements of the two cultures...(hmm!)
Tune in tomorrow

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