Thursday, May 11, 2006

Live-est Music Capital of the World

I'm not kidding here. I'm really serious. There is nowhere, anywhere to match the vibrant, dynamic, innovative atmosphere of the Austin music scene. Catch it at the airport when you get off the plane. Experience it in the clubs on 6th Street and on Red River, Guadalupe and South Congress. In the theaters, the bars, the shoe stores and the super markets. I rehearsed in the Brill Building in New York, worked in the clubs in Brooklyn and the Village but there was never anything like the atmosphere of Austin and it seems to get better every day.
Tonight I watched a telecast from "Austin City Limits". Two musicians I've never heard of before and both of them -
First, Ben Folds and his group did some cool stuff with a couple of low key "Welcome to My Famly" numbers and then at the end of the set, Ben Folds started conducting the audience in a choral sing-a-long that raised the energy levels to the roof and left the audience applauding and screaming for "MORE!"
The audience were the star performers and they couldn't let it stop.

Then, Ray La Montagne came on and did a couple of songs solo, that were more than a little derivative- of Dylan but when he teamed up with a local string quartet - "Tosca" it was like sounds I'd never heard in my life.

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