Thursday, October 05, 2006

Call Me Mythster

Modern American: 1) A person who practices the art of mything. One who collects, analyzes, creates and disseminates myths. Myths are attempts to explain or elaborate on the mysteries of everyday life. Our caveman ancestors created the first myths to explain the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun and the origins of life itself. Although the word "myth" is used to describe a fantasy or something that is not true. A true myth is always true when it is created even though it may be seen as untrue later on.
2) The pronunciation of the salutation "Mister" by someone who lisps.

I sent the explanation to someone who asked me the meaning of my e-mail address but it
is not totally mythical. I have been collecting, analyzing ...myths for most of my life. I have created a few and been fascinated by more. Most of our great American Myths seem to have become "untrue" recently. No more" streets paved with gold", "rags to riches", "Any boy can become president"or "Land of Opportunity etc.
But they were true and inspiring "Once upon a time"

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slskenyon said...

Perhaps it is the inspiration that such myths create allow us to ulimately accept their lack of realism when we come to understand that as well as what we are truly capable of as people. Can't beat inspiration.