Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Future of Blogging

In another corner of the Blogosphere, there's a small site, that provides free hosting for bloggers and is somewhat looser in terms of infrastructure than this one. It has a total of 900 blogs or participating members and there is plenty of opportunity for the members to interact. One of the features is the "Blog Ladder" where everyone can see:
  1. Who posted lately
  2. How many posts he/she has contributed
  3. How many times his/her posts have been viewed
  4. How many comments have been made to his/her entries.
The winning blog, has 121 entries, that have been viewed 5,227 times and received 593 comments.
The most popular entry of the week, which was posted by the champ mentioned above, Consisted of "And Boom"
The comments were
  1. "boom"
  2. "boom"
  3. "boom, boom, boom"
  4. "boom"
  5. "developers"
  7. "boom...boom..."
  8. "boom"
  9. "bam, ops thats that other guy"
  10. "boom?"
This the way the world ends, not with a "bam" but a "boom"

When I first entered cyberspace, I thought that it would be an exciting adventure in discovery, dialogue and community instead I find "jackass forever"

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