Wednesday, February 23, 2005

About My Pix

Was supposed to have left tag lines on all the photos I posted in My Pix yesterday but well you know what happens. So there are no descriptions.
Just in case anybody ever looks at this blog, I think I'll try to identify the cast.
So, from the top:

A One a It's my grandad, Ned C Smith (the first) with my Aunt Polly and her sister, Aunt Helen. The piture was probably taken in Oakland, CA or maybe Akron, Ohio. Sometime in the mid-to-late 1930's.
2. That's me, at the Longchamps Race Track (Paris) circa 1955.
I was stationed at the American Embassy, Paris for a few years.
3. Hanging out with my grand daughter, Camille -we were riding around Big Sur in July '03.
4. That's my old man, Ned jr., Picture was taken in Baldwin, N.Y. 1940 probably
5. My wife Danielle, the Biker Chick
6. Me on the beach in Santos, Greece - Danielle and I toured the Greek isles - 8it was the summer of '96 (or maybe '97?)

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