Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Original Seduction

Everything started in the Garden of Eden, including seduction.

Adam and Eve were hanging out in the Garden as usual, climbing trees, picking fruit, swimming and just having a good time.
One day when he was playing in the lake, trying to catch a fish that kept swimming around his legs, giving Adam a little nip every once in a while. Eve was up in a big tree with a snake, and she asked the snake:
“Tell me again about babies”
and the snake replied: “I already told you about them” “Tell me again” said Eve
“OK said the snake” and he slid over and coiled up in Eve’s lap. “What did you do that for?”
“So you can hear me better” the snake answered. And he started his story: “Babies are very small people-just like you only very small” “Where do they come from?” asked eve.
“They come out of a woman’s tummy. They call the woman a momy when she has babies”
Eve asked: “How does the baby get inside the woman’s tummy” and the snake said: “It’s hard to explain, you don’t know the words” and Eve replied: “Well show me then, just like the last time”
“Ok” said the snake I’ll be the man’s thing and you’ll be the woman” ...
“Oh my, that feels good” Eve said and then: “ I can’t hear you very well” . The snake slipped his head out of Eve and said “I can’t talk and make babies at the same time”

Later, Eve found Adam down by the lake: “Adam, there’s something I want to show you”
Adam said “Hey, what are you doing, ohhhh that feels good! Eve pulled him closer and said
“Do you want to make a baby? Luke the snake showed me how. Adam replied “ I don’t know what a baby is but if this is how you make them, I don’t mind at all”

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