Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Blog Bog

Once, long ago in the days of radio and iceboxes, before we had psychiatrists,
there were "alienists" and people weren't "disturbed" or "emotionally challenged",
they were "alienated".
Alienated: separated from others, different. Like ET

Now, in the age of the internet, ( more than two decades old) modern technology
has managed to alienate half the world and this paradoxical situation ("the internet was supposed to connect us") has created the new sub- phenomenon of The Blog.
However, I suspect that this will turn out to be a cyber "pet rocks" fad and Blogging will eventually dissappear into Dodoland.
Blogging has risen to incredible popularity because it offers the promise of connectivity that the internet chat rooms, discussion groups and other internet venues (remember news groups?) lacked. The opportunity to publish complete, uninterrupted, transcripts of our own delightful blather. That's the answer to alienation?

Not really because the quintessential element missing from the equation is connection.
No many how many hundreds of my own wonderful words that I post to my blog or bog as the case may be, if nobody reads it and no one responds then as old man Descartes would have queried " If a blog is written on the internet and no one reads it, was it ever written - and even if it was, so what?"
How long before people get bored with writing what no one reads (except maybe their mothers)
Or, how long before the pimps, pornographers and other cyberhoods figure out ways to break into the blogs and spill their "Buy Cheap Drugs" and other s32t all over this and every other similar site's pristine pages?

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