Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Radio with Pictures aka "TV"

An entry posted on Blog ladder and my reply
"Why We Never Got to the Chapter on Nostalgia... by austinslin
I used to by radio shows on tape when I was in elementary school. Radio shows from the 1930s, 1940s like The Shadow, Arch Obler's Lights Out, Suspense---I suppose I had leanings toward the creepier serials..."

I replied:"I heard all the shows: The Shadow, Jack Armstong, The Green Hornet, Lux Radio Theater, Grand Central Station, The Theater Guild on the Air etc./i] lying on my stomach, in the dark, listening to the Radio!
We didn't have tape then and television was still an S.F. fantasy.
What I miss is the opportunity to imagine. Visualising what "The Green Hornet" and his car looked like and what kind of a kid "Kato" was.
I think we lost a lot when we got "Radio with pictures" (aka TV)

My kids and now my grandchildren missed the chance to excercise their imaginations.
To make them stonger and more powerful. To "see" things in their heads instead of in "Living Color" on a 44 inch screen.

They were "the good old days" and I miss them a lot (and not just for the radio shows)"

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Anna said...

the shadow!? i *love* the shadow! there's a radio station in vancouver that was playing an episode of The Shadow weekly. i'd listen whenever i could remember, it was such fun.

i've actually been having a love affair with the radio lately. i forgot about it for a while -- sometimes i just don't like a lot of sound around me; it feels distracting -- but lately i've been tuning in to CBC regularly and remembering why i've always loved it.

the radio keeps me company. it actually feels like someone's talking to me. when i watch t.v. i feel lulled into this passive, receptive state as i'm fed one shiny, complete visual second after second. didn't marshall mcluhan say that sight was a cold sense, while sound was a hot (i.e. active and engaging and immediate) one?

plus, radio shows are interesting.